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  1. Chromanias
    New IGN THEbasMCD to Basx
  2. IcantPotffs
    wElp i abused nonia today
  3. brent4444
    brent4444 NoNiA
    could you please answer my msg ty
  4. MediumGrilled
    Im Grilled Medium, very medium!
  5. justpvp2000
    justpvp2000 IIIKILLAIII
    help i want to connect to enforcedmc but it says$AnnotedConnectException
  6. LPKJ
    I just brought a rank and then suddenly the server disconnects me now I cant get back on and its saying connection lost could not connect to default or fallback server im so upset cause I paid for a rank and im kicked help please
    1. GangOG
      it's the server, you will get the rank when its fixed
      20 September 2017 at 11:28 AM
  7. CowMoover
  8. ziynon20
    ziynon20 zl0b
    Can you please fix mob stacks it's been broken for the past 12 hours
    1. zl0b
      Tell me what's wrong with it. Telling me to fix it without telling me what's wrong with it doesn't help
      18 September 2017
    2. ziynon20
      Every 3 mobs you kill the whole stack dies even if theres over 100 in the stack, you kill and few and the whole stack dies.
      18 September 2017
  9. ziynon20
    ziynon20 IIIKILLAIII
    Please fix mob stacks soon its been 12 hours since your staff said they would fix it and still haven't fixxed it
  10. ineskw18
  11. rich_i_yea
    rich_i_yea zl0b
    Could you please look at my ban appeal! Thank you
  12. rich_i_yea
    rich_i_yea Auhiy
    Hey Auhiy, can you please look at my ban appeal! Thank you
  13. Lolplayz
    anyone wana send me 6$ paypal :) xd
  14. CowMoover
  15. IcantPotffs
    Waiting to get staff hAH #PotForHelper!
  16. HedgePlayz
    Message me if you need help.
  17. IcantPotffs
    Yey when you get moved to Active member;D
    1. Lolplayz
      16 September 2017
  18. IcantPotffs
    i joined in early 2k17 but Guess what i forgot my password so i made a new account Plus i like minecraft and CSGO
  19. WilliamNex
  20. Lolplayz
    Lolplayz Auhiy
    New phone, who dis?
    1. Auhiy
      Me ;) lel (Panda)
      15 September 2017