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  1. Your IGN: Colton_TM
    Their IGN: BlueSausage_
    What rule did they break: Using Glitch's/Exploits for benefits
    When was said rule broken: Sep 8th 2017 (was banned originally for auto-clicker but then unbanned)
    Proof of them breaking said rule:

    Here you can see he is placing down sand to go onto the block breaking the sand to add to his /c (Builder challenge) and picking the sand back up. It was used while afk supposedly holding down right mouse having the sand fall on a slab and break to do the quest without any effort.
  2. Had to ban him for one of the reasons. And decided to ban him for using an auto clicker.
  3. there were still multiple rules broken, if you go to jail and 1 of your charges is dropped, yes your punishment isn't as harsh but you still get punished for the other law broken.
  4. He got permanently banned so he still got punished
  5. The top punishment is a perm ban, nothing more we can do
  6. Honestly the people posting this are actually retarted. I am a personal friend of bluesausage_ and he doesn't use auto clicker or any of those hacks as u retards think what he does is change his place block key to the left control button and put something heavy enough on top of it so that it holds it down. In addition he is not exploiting in any way he is being smart knowing that sand breaks over slabs but sadly u guys are all retards and don't know the difference between exploiting and using vanilla features to your advantage. This is the second time he has been banned for both of these things and once again it's a false ban as he did not exploit or use auto clicker. Now if you look at the video on YouTube and go down to the comment section you will see a comment from quantic_games who's also a very good friend of mine and as he states in that comment he told jack about putting something on the keyboard. So as far as I'm concerned staff on enforced are just retarted ur server is dead already yet u ban people for things they didn't do... strange, just wish u retards had a damn brain to think with for once...
  7. Explain how we're "retards" when we haven't banned him for this incident and we unbanned him from the last? You don't need to go on a rant for no reason and being very disrespectful to the staff team.
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