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  1. 1.) IGN:

    2.) Age:
    I am 15 years old born on March 26, 2002.

    3.) Time Zone:
    I am currently in EST, I might be moving locations but most likely staying in Canada. I am currently very active and will be playing enforced a lot more than i used too.

    4.) Do you have any previous staff experience? If so please explain:
    Yes I do have staff experience. I was once a staff member here on enforced, but got demoted for breaking a rule, but I hope this doesn't affect the choices on who should be staff. Not only have I been Staff on this server but I have once Co-Owned a server with some of my friends. I know all the responsibilities of being a staff member and know what to do and what not to do.

    I was once a staff member on a smaller server than enforced, I was only a Jr mod but i still went through the process of learning and earning my role jr mod. I resigned from the server so I could staff here on enforced. I know when to warn, mute, ban and screenshare a player. I will not be an abusive staff member, and will play the game like im a normal player. I wont think im greater or stronger than another player just because im staff, all players should be treated the same way.

    5.) What can you personally bring to EnforcedMC?:
    I have many good qualities that I can bring to enforcedmc. I bring respect, honestly, loyalty and many other traits but those 3 are my big ones that I can give to you guys. I honestly love helping other people, I have many social media apps that people can contact me with if they need my assistance. I am open to all players, I will give them my discord, skype, snapchat or any app they would like to contact me through. I usually respond to players as soon as possible and in no doubt respond with a reasonable and helpful answer. I respect all the higher roles than me and the players that are below, in no way will I ever be rude towards another staff or player throughout my time of being a staff member.

    6.) Why do you want to be a staff member on the EnforcedMC SkyBlock server?:
    I would like to learn to become more responsible by taking a role in a server and help out the community and making it less toxic and more friendly. Plus I enjoy playing with most of the players in this community and would like to share my thoughts with the staff team on how the server could be better. Being a staff member on enforced was probably one of the most enjoyable things I have done when it comes to video games. Everyone was so nice and respectful to me and other members it was just amazing. I would love to have that feeling again and help out all the people in need. Being staff here may not mean a lot to some people, but it meant a lot to me.
    7.) What is your current rank on the server?:
    I am supernova on skyblock, And am Immortal on factions
    8.) How active can you be?:
    Monday 7 - 12 hours
    Wednesday 7 - 12 hours
    Thursday 7 - 12 hours
    Friday 7 - 12 hours
    Weekends 10+
    I stay up usually now and then till 3 am in the morning playing on this server Xd even on school nights, so if there are no staff available during the night (est) I am there for them.
    9.) Are you able to record and upload?:
    Yes i have Obs on my pc, whenever it is needed i can just start recording and upload whenever. I have some editing softwares to edit the videos so it wont be trash un cut videos...

    10.) How many applications have you submitted before? When was the last one?:
    Honestly I couldn't Remember Because they've gotten deleted for all the toxic fights people have on my app :/

    11.) Any other information you would like to tell us?
    Not really ;( I just really want to be staff again :)
  2. -1 Is rude to people on forums and trys to start drama.
  3. Hey put more info in 5,6 GoodLuck
  4. agagagasdasgdasdgasdhadhsahdashdsahasdhasdhasdjkhasdkashdkjashkdjashkjsah dkjhasdkjashdkja
  5. Congrats on helper btw, dk u but u seem real chill
  7. wowww ur toxic who even are u?
  8. am rando plz no make fun of me
  9. oh sorry sir, my bad ;(
  10. Thanks :)
  11. Nice app just be more chill in game ;)
  12. Good application just need to be a bit more helpful in game :D
  13. i love the application in my Opinion But im goanan have to give you a -1 im sorry its just you cause drama and are kinda toixc Soory #NoHate!!
  14. Good application in all honesty, a bit toxic ingame so overall i'm Neutral

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