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    1.) IGN: Mintellax (have had previous name changes such has Ev0LuTIoN_ trillio and bbcfan)

    2.) Age: 14

    3.) Time Zone: EST

    4.) Do you have Skype and TeamSpeak3?: Yes

    5.) Have you read the server rules? If so do you have a full understanding of what is expected from you?: I do, I've been playing here for awhile now so it just sort of comes naturally to me I guess.

    Do you have any previous staff experience? If so please explain: I do, I was helper here 2 months ago. I didn't really pick anything up from my time serving *due to I was already tutored beforehand* but I can easily comprehend any simple commands that I haven't already learned.

    7.) What can you personally bring to EnforcedMC?: Well, along with my messed up sleep schedule, there are perks that come with it. I've met a lot of the staff that are currently playing, and most of them are EU and when it's time for them to go to sleep, that's usually when most of the player base is active. I don't sleep, with that I will be on 24/7 screening chat and enforcing any rules that have failed to be told to some users. Along with enforcing rules in game I'm always in teamspeak no matter what, a user is allowed to poke me if they need help and I will gladly come to their assistance. I also have been previously trained in screen sharing, I'm able to find cheap ghost clients and free ones, as well as autoclicker. And to top it off I'm a nice person ;)

    Why do you want to be a staff member on EnforcedMC?: Well, I've been with enforced for awhile now, so I thought why not go ahead and try to reapply. The server always did have a very laid back and had a nice community *remembers sited and starts crying*. I've always enjoyed helping and interacting with the players more than I did actually playing; mainly because I'm horrible at playing in general lol. Enforced always was a perfect fit for me and my style of doing things which really made me want to apply the first time. A server that fits my style is usually hard to come by, so I'll gladly take the opportunity to apply for a server I like. I hope that I'll be able to take part in enhancing its great features, as well as keeping the toxic players from trying to ruin the server and the players' experience on the server.

    Are you a donor? If so what rank?: Divine

    10.) How active can you be?: Monday-Thursday: 2:50PM-12:00AM
    Friday-Sunday: 24/7

    11.) Why should we choose you over other applicants?: Well i'm pretty down to the point and like to make all complaints fixable and fast, FAF is my motto. I like a staff member that is available to help me 24/7, that's where I come in. I will provide 24/7 teamspeak help for all those EU players out there. Im almost always on replay mod so if I see a player hacking or attempting to glitch I will have 100% real proof *that goes for you players that think your slick and try to twist the story*. When im asleep, I let the console client run its course and then im able to check the chat to see if anyone broken any rules, *therefore I would punish them suitably*. Due to the server just now resetting, which therefore means next map more and new players will be joining in rejoice of a better server with improved everything. More new people means more people that don't know the rules, I will be there 24/7 *EU AND USA* to enforce any needed rules that may need to be said. I am not the kind of type that is always out-there-to-get-you, I like to treat every player with the same respect I treat my mother and father. So knowing factions, players are toxic, even me, so while during assistance on teamspeak or whatever im using, usually players don't get what they want *a player falsely banned, ban with insufficient proof,) they start to rage or as what I like to call it, throwing a fit. I just kindly kick them out of the teamspeak until they are ready to talk like developed humans with a brain to think for themselves. I believe in second chances, second chances are key to make a better person in my belief, im always in teamspeak so if a user wants to talk about why they were muted (BY ME) or tempbanned, ill more than willingly listen without interrupting them and if their explanation and will to be unbanned is good enough ill gladly unban. Although, if they were caught hacking they will never be unbanned early regardless of how sorry they are, its called cheating, you get banned on any other game for it so why not this one.

    12.) Have you ever been punished on other servers?: Only on other small servers for spambotting.

    13.) Do you fully understand the concept of Factions?: Yes, as I should. It's the only gamemode that I play, besides mini games. I own the top faction (Diversity) from Ostia, vanity, royalty, and brutal. I'm experienced in about almost every subject there is about factions. Base defenses, cannoning and a little bit of pvp. (m0dest and Dexter113 are both mod in my faction)

    14.) Do you have a microphone?: Yes

    15.) Are you able to record and upload?: Yes

    16.) How many applications have you submitted before? When was the last one?: I made one about 3 months ago, and it was accepted.

    17.) *Please select a scenario to write about and explain in detail what you would do*:

    #1: A player is being extremely toxic in chat. He is calling other people names and being completely disrespectful towards other people. He eventually goes after a staff member and starts insulting them. Even though this is not you who is being insulted, how would you deal with this situation?: Before he even went after any staff I would warn him, and if he continues on after me warning him its a flat out mute. Especially if he's going after a staff member.

    #3: A person is suspected of hacking and is being reported by multiple people. Remember, you are just a helper and do not have force teleport permissions. How do you deal with this situation?: I would try asking where the player is, go there, and record the fight just to see if the player is actually hacking, due to it is factions usually if your good, your suspected of hacking, so I would be careful of not causing any commotion in chat whilst doing so.
  2. you give me cancer alex
  3. xoxo
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  4. More information on 5, 6, 7, 12, and 13 should make this application 10x better! Other than that it was a decent application.

    Good Luck!
    - PassageKoth
  5. Add a bit more information on 6,7, and 13 other then that it looks good. Good luck.
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    ty will do
  7. ty will do
  8. +1 xoxo
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  9. ily mom <3
  10. You were one of the best helpers :p gl my dude
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  11. xoxoxoxoxxoxoxooxo
  12. We were in teamspeak and he asked why I left I told him my grandpa died, and told me good and no one cares.
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  13. so he leaves the staff team, then talks shit bout enforced then wants staff again? -1 lmfao
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    You were making up an excuse on why you resigned, and I never once said "good" I said "I don't care". You had no other reason to resign but for you were bored of the server, you don't have dedication like you use to. Maybe think twice before coming in trash talking my friends it's just annoying and no one really wants to deal with that. Or you're drama for that matter. Anyways let's stay on topic and leave feedback not personal complaints in my staff app xoxo
  15. I never trash talked about enforced, the staff team was not as stable as it should of been and it's changed dramatically so that's why I want to come back
  16. hi
  17. hello
  18. I was not bored of it that's why I stayed until it ended and why im playing this season yes you did and I do not appreciate what you said. You make up false accusation and say stuff out of no nowhere that is not funny and hurts peoples feelings.
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  19. I'm sorry you feel violated
  20. 7, 8, 11 you should know this alex.... o_O
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