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Discussion in 'Denied' started by Mintellax, 12 August 2017.

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  1. Okay firstly, really? 3 different posts??. Secondly, you obviously don't know what an inquiry is other than trying to use it as an insult. *an inquiry is business that you have had with an establishment*. I've also been told by multiple people to reapply now please, stop commenting on my staff application you've left plenty of you're opinions.
  2. I'd advise you to stop.
  3. Your the one that keepes replying. And you have nothing business related with the server, peace.
  4. You're so nice to me
  5. I'm sorry that you feel that I'm a vile
  6. add me on snap dom.426 :) ;)
  7. Remember this is a staff appl
    Just stop arguing
    This is a staff application... Keep the chat as an answer to what he could do better and what he could make some changes on.
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  8. HOW AM I ARGUING? I JUST SAID ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT! omggg toxic af... add me atheaa dom.426 ;)
  9. He was refering to 'Remember this is a staff app' to you not 'Stop arguing'.
  10. Please take this to dm's @FatPleasure
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  11. What I'm saying is relevant to the staff app? Stop post farming please its very annoying.
    Your trying to act like a good guy as if you aren't a douche. Stop please.
  12. Please take into dm's
  13. Oh tru, add m on snap tho ;) Dom.426
  14. Shutup with your 'take it to the dms' your so annoying.
  15. I love post farming! It's what I do xd
  16. PLSSS NO ARGUING ON MY STAFF APP. (i added u dom) xoxo
  17. Nvm +1 alex has a hot sister
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  18. +1 good luck
  19. Nice staff app.
  20. Hes starting his own server so -1
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