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    1.) IGN:

    2.) Age: 14

    3.) Time Zone:

    4.) Do you have any previous staff experience? If so please explain: Yes I used to be Admin on a server with over 200 players, then the owner forgot to pay and then he just didn't want to start over again. So i started to look for more interesting servers and then I found EnforcedMC on the server that I used to be admin on. I accepted staff, interviewed staff and also helped everyone out. I could also screenshare people who people were reporting or when someone sent me video proof on YouTube of them hacking, or breaking rules on the server. I haven been Co-Owner on my friends server where i helped out players found hackers, found bugs made different buildings that the server needed, made forums post about the server. I also advertised the server on my YouTube channel so the server would get more players on.

    5.) What can you personally bring to EnforcedMC? What can I bring to the server? For one I can bring an experienced staff member. With my history of being a staff member on previous servers, I can bring in more knowledge on how to be a staff member. I can ensure that the players of enforced factions/skyblock enjoy their time on the server. And make sure that any player that stands in the way of that whether it's being rude in chat or hacking that it is dealt appropriately. Again with my previous, I had dealt with plenty of different situations with language in chat or hacking so I do know an appropriator way on to handle it. I can bring a staff member that will spend the time on the server and play among other players and not just be staff members that come on just to "sit and watch with popcorn in their hands without sorting out the situations." I enjoy the server itself and I enjoy playing and spending my time on it.

    Another thing I can bring to the server is the time even if it is late at night, early morning, or even mid day. Being the server is kind of new and everyone wants to play I will be able to help the new players or even old mostly anytime of the day. A lot of my time is on the late night and the early afternoons. Now that the semester is over for me I will be able to be on even more than I have before, in the early morning if needed. Plus a lot of time if I am not playing MC I would have MC open on my computer while I do other things on my computer whether that would be watching YT, surfing the web, or playing steam. Since I have dual screens I am able to have MC open on one screen and do whatever else on the other. (Pretty much how I'm writing this app. MC is open on the other screen lol)

    6.) Why do you want to be a staff member on the EnforcedMC Sky Block server?: I want to be staff on enforced skyblock because I have always loved playing skyblock , the game mode is just very nice and difficult, which I love difficult and also I love helping the people in the chat. I feel like I change people's day by helping them every day, I also want to be staff member on EnforcedMC because I like helping people out and bringing information to people who are just starting out and most of the time when I see a question in the public chat , I always answer and I help a lot of people , So helper is very important role that I want to be included in Because I love this server and I would do anything to help the server out because people new to the server might not know how to start and I am always asking if anyone needs help when I am not working on stuff like homework or schoolwork but I finish that fast so I can get straight back onto sky block.

    7.) What is your current rank on the server?

    8.) How active can you be? I can be on the server

    Monday 3:30Pm To 10:00PM

    Tuesday I May be able to get on

    Wednesday 3:30Pm To 10:00PM

    Thursday I May be able to get on

    Friday 3:30Pm To 10:00PM

    Saturday 8:00AM To 9:30PM

    Sunday 9:00AM To 11:00PM

    All these with breaks Of Course

    9.) Are you able to record and upload?
    Yes I have recording software called action and I have a YouTube channel what is TheAxeSlayerOG

    10.) How many applications have you submitted before? When was the last one?
    This is my first Application for the server

    11.) Any other information you would like to tell us?
    I Hope you guys liked this please tell me how to improve because I really want to become staff on Enforced and also don’t forget to rate it out of 10 please


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  2. +1 Very Active and Nice. Would be an awesome Helper. If it's possible just give him admin, he is so great.

    From ShadowKris
  3. +1 good luck axy
  4. Some minor spelling mistakes. Its always good to run your applicaion through a Spelling Test program or check it again before posting it.
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  5. Meh, I would say you need more detail on questions 4 and 6 as these are 2 big ish questions as staff get to know what you learnt while being on the servers you have been staff on, like go into detail rather than leaving it on what you did. The more info you put into that question shows us what you personally know about being a staff member. Also, question 6 has more detail but still needs a bit more as this tells us why you want to have the power of being higher than others and being able to help us out on the server. Other than that the app was ok.

    I am not going to +1 or -1 as it's not perfect or bad.

    Good Look, Designinq :)

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  6. As Designinq said try to add a bit more to question 6 and what you did while you were admin on the server .

    Good luck :D
  7. @Auhiy @Designinq and @Lewdragon Thanks For the help
    I Spell Checked it and worked on question 4 and 6 like you guys asked and thanks For the Good Lucks
  8. "Applicaion" ;p

    Good application +1
  9. Good staff app!

  10. -1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 is bad
  11. I agree!
  12. Maybe remove the bold and only put it on the question?
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    Application including good grammar, details and good content. Good Luck AxoAx:) +1,7
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