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  1. YouTube Application Format

    RULES: (Before Applying)

    1.) You can't be recording on other servers more than Enforced.
    2.) We do not tolerate lying. You must include nothing but the truth.
    3.) Please refrain from using ridiculous colours and font sizes in your application.
    4.) Make it your own application don't copy other application.
    5.) You must record and upload a minimum of two videos a week.
    6.) If you don't follow these rules if you have YouTube rank it may be taken away.

    REQUIREMENTS: (Before Applying)
    1.) You must have a minimum of 500 subscribers.
    2.) You must get a minimum of 150 - 250 views per video.
    3.) You must have recorder and uploaded a minimum of 3 - 5 videos on Enforced.

    Failure to comply with the rules posted above or use the correct format will result in a denial.
    1.) IGN:

    2.) Age:

    3.) Time Zone:

    4.) What is your YouTube Channel name?:

    5.) How many subscribers do you have?:

    6.) Link to your channel:

    7.) Link to your 3 - 5 videos you have recorded on Enforced:

    8.) What other servers have you recorded on?:

    9.) Why do you want YouTube rank on Enforced?:

    10.) What server would you record on Comet or SkyBlock?:

    11.) What can you do for the server?:


    Make sure that you have read the *RULES* before applying!​
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